The Word of  God is the Light for your Life

As a Christian, do not apologize to others for your following of God's Word.

Some of man's rules have made this society a very uncomfortable  place for TRUE Christians. Some established directives even go against the Word of God . And it is a shame (and sin) that much of society attempts to pressure ALL to conform to their sinful and ungodly ways. Pressure comes from all directions; social media, news media, political leaders, organizations and individuals claiming to be Christians (but aren't), just to name a few.

BUT... it's okay to quote God's Word from the Bible to those who try and change your way of thinking, to theirs. Many will use the word "Bible", but in reality, most probably have not even opened a Bible in years. And if they have, they are fixated on scripture that they take out of context, in an attempt to justify their sinful lifestyle.

Help them understand the TRUE meaning of God's Word. Show them, teach, them, preach to them. Let them know and see how wonderful it is to walk on a life path that pleases God.

The Bible is where you will find God's Word.

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Apply God's Word to your daily life.

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